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What is Gold Farming?

Gold Farming is the act of collecting high amounts of gold or other online loot through a specific set of processes and techniques.  Gold farming is mostly used in huge “virtual sweatshops” based mainly in China that use a mixture of cheap labor and good farming techniques to churn out hundreds of thousands of gold a day.  I speak Conversational Mandarin Chinese and was able to ask these Chinese farmers what they do to make their gold.  I have spoken with many farmers that work at such “virtual sweatshops” and learned their techniques and methods, this guide show you how to do it. 


            You can farm gold in many ways other than instance farming.  For example, you can farm leather, mines, herbs, resell items on the auction house, and disenchant items.  You don’t have to run instances. BUT, running instances is one of the most effective, efficient, and most profitable ways of farming gold.  What you do all depends on what your playing style is. 

The Basics of Gold Farming

Gold farming can be done at your home computer whenever you have a little bit of time to put aside.  Unlike doing instance runs with a party for gold and loot, most farming techniques are done solo.  This allows for maximum productivity because you don’t split up the loot.  Think of it this way, when you do a 5-man party in Scarlet Monastery you’re only getting 20% of the total loot dropped from that instance!  Not to mention possibly losing rolls on high profit “Bind on Equip” rare drops!  The majority of the farming techniques in this guide will be solo farming techniques. 

 Gold Farming Techniques 

Techniques by Level

          Gold farming doesn’t always have to be done by a level 60.  There are many ways for lower levels to farm gold, but of course, being 60 always helps.  Farming items becomes easier with every level you gain due to the fact you become more powerful and can kill monsters quicker and more efficiently.  You will begin to see a pattern arise here.  You can use all of the old techniques from lower levels, except you will make MORE money in less time! 

This makes you want to level more and more.  Because the more you make, the more items you can buy, the more you can buy, the better you are, the better you are, the more fun you’ll have, the more fun you have, the more you will play, the more you play, the more you make, and the cycle goes on and on…  I have nothing against staying low and farming gold, but you will never reach your full potential if you don’t get out there and level.  My guide is unique because most of these farming techniques you can use while you level!  Below is a compilation of strategies according to level. 

Levels 1-20

            At levels 1-20 your farming abilities are seriously limited.  The most effective ways of making money at this level is to farm minerals, herbs, and leather.  You can do this one of two ways.  Leveling approach: this approach basically means level your character!  As you go along the levels 1-20 gather, mine, and skin everything you can.  You will soon realize that you have an abundance of raw materials that you can sell at the auction house for a good price.  This way is extremely effective because not only are you gaining raw materials, you are also getting experience, and leveling your trade skill. 

The second approach, the Grind Approach basically means you run around for a few hours gathering all the materials you see.  Some good places for low level materials (the only ones you are going to be finding at 1-20) are listed below: 

  • Copper: Go into the caves and mines in the starting areas, you will find plenty of copper in those mines and along the hills and mountains of the map.

  • Tin: You will start to find tin in the areas directly out of the starting areas, such as Westfall.  Tin should be smelted with a bar of copper to yield two Bronze Bars.  These bars then should be sold on the AH.

  • Peaceblooms / Silverleaf: Can be found in all the beginning areas from 1-20 they are all over the map in Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil, and all the Horde starting areas aswell.  Peaceblooms are found in the fields, and Silverleaf next to trees.
  • Earthroot:  Earthroot can also be found in all the beginning areas from 1-20.  They are found on hills and mountains.
  • Briarthorn: Briarthorn can be found under trees in the 12-20 areas, this is a great thing to resell on the auction house.
  • Skins: You can skin animals for their skins (usually Ragged or Light Leather at this level).  But if you are a leatherworker, you can convert those ragged leathers into light leathers!  

Now that you have all of these materials what are you going to do with them?  Sell them on the AH!  You can sell all of these items on the auction house for handsome prices.  Just log in, go onto the auction house and use my step-by-step process for listing items for MAXIMUM PROFIT!  You can find that process in the section titled “Selling items for maximum profit on the Auction House”. 

Levels 20-50

            From now on all strategies will be rated using a scale of Very Bad to Very Good; this will determine Gold/Hour ratio, Boredom Level, and Experience Factor.  These will be vital to determining what strategy fits you.

          Now I am going to introduce some new strategies specifically designed for this level set.  20-40 is a very interesting level, because after 20 you will start to be able to “farm” low-level mobs for vendor loot.  This is the beginning of moving away from trade skills as your main farming sources and moving to mobs, which is much profitable (until the end when you max out your gathering trade skills, but I will go over those techniques in the Trade Skill section).  Attention: Most of these strategies are for 35-40, so I will be putting a “recommended level” at the beginning of each strategy, it is only recommended and if you have good gear you can probably go lower.  Remember, if you are too low for these strategies, resort to farming raw materials.   

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  This will probably be your first experience with instance farming.  This brings up an interesting dilemma, how to reset instances.   As you already know, when you leave an instance and try to go back into it, it is the same instance.  So what you need to do is “reset” it.   To do that you need to run the instances, then after you’re out, invite somebody to your group, then when they have joined, give them leader and disband.  This will reset the instance so you can run it again.   This can be used in all instances and will become EXTREMELY useful for you later in the farming game.  Please refer back to here if you ever forget how to reset an instance. EXTEMELY IMPORTANT 

  • Recommended level: 38-50 (or whenever you feel comfortable soloing guys in Deadmines)
    Name: Farming Linen in Deadmines
    Type: Mob Farming for AH loot
    Gold/Hour Ratio: OK

    Boredom Factor: Medium
    In this strategy you will be clearing out the Deadmines instance for the linen and green drops from the mobs there.  You will find out how far you can go without killing yourself and that is the place where you stop, and restart the instance.  The basic idea is, go in, kill everything, mine everything, leave, reset, repeat.  If you follow this strategy you will be getting a pretty good gold/hour ratio going. 
  • Recommended level: 26+
    Name: Farming skins from Worgen
    Gold/Hour Ratio: OK
    Boredom Factor: Medium Boredom
    Experience Factor: Very Good

Go to Duskwood and start farming Worgen there, kill them and then skin them.  This is good if you are a skinner because you have to kill tons of those things for quests and might as well kill them to grind out those final XP points past 30.  They are great for money and experience. 

  • Recommended level: 48-51
    Name: Farming Demons in Azshara
    Gold/Hour Ratio: Good
    Boredom Factor: Medium Boredom
    Experience Factor: Very Good
    Go to Azshara and farm the demons that populate the northern part of the big “C” that is Azshara, watch out for gankers though…. You are farming for Gold and Greens to vendor. 

Level 51-60 

  • Recommended level: 60
    Name: Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Farming
    Gold/Hour Ratio: Very Good
    Boredom Factor: Very Low Boredom

    Class: All  (Needs keys or lock picking for best results)

    General Strategy
    Enter the Scarlet Monastery graveyard instance (the one on the left side if you are facing the two locked doors).  Enter the first square room separated into four different squares.  Kill the five guys in the back room.  Take the loot from the chest they are guarding.  You will need to purchase a key to open the chest if it is a locked one.  Enter the graveyard area and look for the chest in either the left or right side.  If you can AE, clear the area, if not, grab the chest.   Then go down into the crypt and kill Bloodmage Thalnos there, he drops a green item and a blue item, the blue item should be disenchanted and then sold on the auction house, run out of the instance and reset. Vendor all greens, and AH all blues and purples.

    Rogue Strategy:

    KEYWORDS: Just get the chests
    Sneak into the room with the first chest, you will see it in the back.  Then kill the 5 guards standing around that chest, pick the lock, grab the loot, sneak to the graveyard area.  Look for the chest on the left side and then on the right side, if you don’t see it, than go down into the crypt and look for it, it should be down there.  Once you are down there, kill Bloodmage Thalnos then grab the item. Optional: Disenchant the blue BoP item and sell on Auction-House.  Use Sprint to run out of instance.  Reset and repeat.

    Paladin Strategy:
    KEYWORDS: Clear the Area
    Run into the room, run in a circle around the whole thing, but make sure you target the boss in the right “square” of the room.  Use consecration and your holy damage aura to kill all of them in the room.  If the chest is locked, than use a key and get the loot.  Run into the graveyard area.  Kill all of the ghosts/ghouls there.   If you see a chest, open it, and get the loot.  Go down into the crypt.  Kill Bloodmage Thalnos and pick up the drop.  Optional: Disenchant the blue BoP item and sell on Auction House.  Run out of the instance.  Reset and repeat

    Mage Strategy:
    KEYWORDS: Use Area Effect spells to Clear the Area
    Run into the first room, put up shield, spam your AE spells (frost nova, arcane explosion, etc.), collect loot.  Find the chest and open it.  Go into the graveyard area, tag some guys, and AE them.  Continue this until you killed all the guys in the area.  Go down into the crypt.  Kill Bloodmage Thalnos and pick up the drop.  Optional: Disenchant the blue BoP item and sell on Auction House.  Run and Blink out of the instance.  Reset and repeat.

  • Recommended level: 60
    Name: Disenchant Farming (Herod)
    Gold/Hour Ratio: Very Good
    Boredom Factor: Low Boredom

    Class: Rogue

    General Strategy

    Stealth to Herod in the Armory in Scarlet Monestary. Kill him, loot the blue item, disenchant for a Small Radiant Shard! Reset the instance, rinse, repeat.  Sells for 4-6g on the auction house per shard!
  • Recommended level: 60
    Name: Tyr’s Hand Farming
    Gold/Hour Ratio: AMAZING!
    Boredom Factor: Medium-High Boredom

    Class: All

    General Strategy

    Go to Tyr’s Hand in Eastern Plague Lands with a buddy (preferably a healer).  Kill all the mobs there; you are farming for greens, blues, and the rare epic.  Vendor all greens and then sell the blues and epics on the Auction House.

 Techniques by Trade Skill 

Tradeskill Req: Herbalism

Tradeskill Level:160
Name: Farming Fadeleaf in SM

Gold/Hour Ratio: Very Very Good
Boredom Factor: Medium Boredom

Class: All

General Strategy

Level your Herbalism to skill level 160. Go into the Armory in Scarlet Monestary (behind the locked door). The first room you enter will always spawns a fadeleaf gathering point. Gather the fadeleaf, reset the instance, rinse, repeat. This is worth farming if you can sell stacks of 20 for 6g+. P.S. Grab the chests that spawns in that room if you see it. 

Tradeskill Req: Mining Thorium and Arcane Crystals

Tradeskill Level: 250
Name: Mining Thorium and Arcane Crystals

Gold/Hour Ratio: Very Very Good
Boredom Factor: Medium Boredom

Class: All

General Strategy

Go to the burning steppes and run around going to all the little blue dots on the map (the rich thorium veins).  Mine those.  You will be getting about 1 arcane crystal an hour, which leads to tons of loot (solid stones, thorium ore, arcane crystals, and other rare gems!)

Miscellaneous Farming Techniques

Recommended level: 60
Name: Bannok Grimaxe (Arcanite Reaper Recipe) Farming
Gold/Hour Ratio: AMAZING!
Boredom Factor: Very High Boredom

Class: Rogue

Bannok Grimaxe drops the plans for the Arcanite Reaper in Lower Blackrock Spire.  The drop rate of the plans is about 10%. And they sell for a hefty price, usually about 400 gold!!!!  But Bannok is a rare spawn, so you must do a few runs before you even see him. 

His location:

He spawns in 1 of 3 locations.

  1. With your back to the river of lava facing the tents he will spawn under the hut closest to you on your left. He will be facing away from you looking towards the other orcs.
  2. Moving down the corridor between the tents he will spawn in the corner on your right and he will be facing the direction of the first spawn point.
  3. Continuing down the corridor and into the large open area with the two giant cart’s he will be sitting beside the big cart on your left at the front of it facing towards the sleeping guys behind the opposite cart. (Right at the edge of the wall where it turns left and heads towards the spiders.)

The Strategy:

            Make a macro that is /target Bannok and put it on your bar, this will help you know if he spawned or not.  GO up the right ramp and then turn right to the broken ledge and jump down.  Go down the ramp towards the two Worgs and the Orcs.  Going through the door you follow it until you see a small grouping of Orcs right outside the exit of the corridor your in.  Hugging the wall and going right jump off the ledge.  There is a small ledge below that you can land on, but be careful, it is very dark there.  Move forward until you come to the end of the ledge and jump off of it.  Your now in a corner of another ledge.  Follow the new ledge left until it ends.  Look down, you should spot a bunch of Orcs.  Go to the edge of the tents and press the Bannok macro key you made, /target Bannok If you can target him go continue to the next stop if he’s not go back to the beginning of this guide after resetting the instance. You will be able to target him at all three locations with the macro even from the front of the huts, make sure to go to the edge of the huts though.  Kill him!  If you agro his buddies just pop on evasion and kill him, loot him, then vanish J.

The Auction House  

Purchases for profit on the Auction House


Depending on how much money you have available to you, there are many different paths to camping the auction house for profit.  Listed below are a few items to look out for in terms of armor (all of the armors listed below have a high “fluctuation factor” which allows you to buy low, sell high Recommended Prices Below:

Sparkleshell Mantle

River Pride Choker

Tigerstrike Mantle

Brawler Gloves

Requires Level 24

Requires Level 28

Requires Level 29

Requires Level 23

Sell for:  24 55  

Sell for:  49

Sell for: 39

Sell for: 10


Depending on how much money you have available to you, there are many different paths to camping the auction house for profit.  Listed below are a few items to look out for in terms of weapons (all of the weapons listed below have a high “fluctuation factor” which allows you to buy low, sell high) Recommended Prices Below:



Fiery War Axe

Zealot Blade

Requires Level 29

Requires Level 39

Requires Level 35

Requires Level 29

Sell for: 12 99

Sell For: 125

Sells for 125

Sells for: 38


There is only one recipe that you should pay attention to and look for EVERY TIME YOU GO ONTO THE AUCTION HOUSE, look for this:

Recipe: Swiftness Potion

Sells for: 18

Since this is a low level drop, you can sometimes pick it up for as little as 50 silver pieces or as much as 2 gold, but it actually sells for about 20! 

Selling items for maximum profit on the Auction House 

What items you should sell

All blue and purple bind on equip items that you get in your farming expeditions should be sold on the auction house if you want to make the most money possible.  You can also sell your farmed materials, such as minerals, ore, cloth, and even herbs.   

Setting the Right price

When you set your items on the auction house, first search that item.  If there is any competition match their buyout price and then lower it by 2 silver and 1 copper and match their bid price and lower it by 1 gold.  Example: You see a Swiftness potion on for 20 gold buyout and 18 bid.  You would set your buyout at 19gold 98 silver 99copper and your bid at 17.  This will allow your item to sell before theirs.

When to sell your items

Always, and I mean ALWAYS.  List your items at peak times of the server, usually around 6:00-9:00 PM when everybody is back from work, that way, if you set a 24 hour bid time, you will hit two different peak hours for maximum profit!

Where to sell your items

This only applies if you find or buy a set item from the other faction such as an alliance finding a Shaman set piece or a horde finding a paladin set piece.  Put those onto the Tanaris auction house for the best price.

Things to Remember 

            You can always come up with new and innovative farming techniques by yourself to fit your own needs.  Saving money is another way to get closer to that epic mount of yours, don’t buy new gear every level, farm it.  Don’t “tweak out” your character to be the best below level 60…  And remember, just use common sense when trading and buying stuff on the auction house.  And most importantly, HAVE FUN, this is a game and should be treated so!

Happy Adventuring!